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Teeth Whitening for a Bright, Attractive Smile

Dental veneers can enhance your appearance and smile by covering chipped, damaged or stained teeth when placed by dental experts of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ. They will provide you with a natural looking, bright smile and give you greater confidence when talking and eating your favorite foods. When these shells are inserted to cover the front of your teeth, they will closely resemble your own teeth. Any dental imperfections will be well hidden, and your smile will radiate glowing perfection.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Boost your self-confidence with a bright, beautiful smile

Your teeth can be whitened with use of a simple dental process. Drs. Bahar Ata-Abadi and Kamran Ata-Abadi and their experienced team of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, understand the great benefits of having a radiant, healthy white smile. They offer in-office professional teeth whitening as well as whitening methods for home use. Even seriously stained teeth can regain an attractive white surface and glow with expert dental whitening treatments.

What Causes Stains on My Teeth?

Many foods and beverages can cause stained teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, dark berries, beets and other fruits and vegetables with dark pigments. Some medications can also darken teeth, including some antibiotics, blood pressure medications and antihistamines. Tobacco use by smokers can also give teeth a yellow look due to the tobacco’s contents of tar and nicotine. Also, your tooth enamel will grow thinner as you age, showing the yellow hue of the underlying dentin.

Heavy smokers and habitual tea and coffee drinkers often complain of yellowing and stained teeth. They are often very good candidates for professional teeth whitening treatments by dental experts. Middle-aged and older individuals who have active lives in highly visible career positions are also likely to request teeth whitening treatments from a dentistry professional.

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening in your dentist’s office involves painting your teeth with a bleaching agent that is activated by an LED light, resulting in impressively brighter teeth. Teeth whitening techniques for use at home involve wearing dental trays containing whitening agents for at least half an hour each day or during the night while you sleep. In both procedures, the whitening agent fades or dissolves stains and discoloration.

The In-Office Process of Dental Whitening

In the modern, top quality office of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, Dr. Ata-Abadi will evaluate your teeth to ensure that teeth whitening will be of benefit for you. If you have discolored teeth due to trauma or stained veneers an crowns, whitening procedures may not be effective. If you are a good candidate for whitening, you will wear a mouth guard to shield your gums and special sunglasses for eye protection during the process. Your teeth will be coated with a bleaching gel, and an LED light will be moved in place to activate the gel. Your whitening treatment will last for an hour, and the result will be a brilliant white smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening vs. Whitening in a Professional Dentist’s Office

Some dentists use professional teeth whitening methods that require the patient to apply an effective whitening agent to teeth for two weeks prior to in-office treatment. The dental specialist supplies customized trays for a precision fit on the patient’s teeth for equalized application of a whitening gel. An in-office teeth whitening procedure, with or without the patient’s use of whitener prior to this treatment, will last for approximately 90 minutes. The result will be healthy looking, renewed teeth surfaces and a bright, appealing smile.

In general, teeth whitening techniques for home use are not as effective and long-lasting as treatments performed by dentists. However, if your schedule or situation prevents you from visiting a dental office for whitening your teeth, the expert team of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, can provide you with pre-filled trays for whitening your teeth at home. You can select either trays to wear daily for half an hour or trays to be worn while you sleep. This procedure requires about two week to whiten and brighten your teeth.

How Long Will the Effects of My Teeth Whitening Last?

Professional teeth whitening can last for the long-term if you take good care of your teeth. Although there is no set time limit for how long your teeth will retain their bright, white glow, if you brush twice each day and floss once daily, your teeth will stay white longer. Having regular dental checkups and cleanings is also of major importance in keeping your teeth white. You can also help maintain your bright, white smile by avoiding or reducing the amount of foods and beverages with dark pigments that you consume. Quitting smoking will also be of great benefit.

What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening Procedures?

A store-bought teeth whitening kit can cost as little as $20. However, a fine quality in-office procedure by a dental professional can cost from $300 to $1,000, depending on how much whitening your teeth need. If you purchase a home teeth bleaching kit from your dentist, it may cost from $300 to $600.

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