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Urgent Dental Care

A dental emergency can occur at any time in any location, as your dental specialists of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, know very well. Different types of dental emergencies may result from an impact to the face and mouth. These injuries can include loosened, chipped or broken teeth as well as knocked out teeth and other dental injuries. Drs. Bahar Ata-Abadi and Kamran Ata-Abadi of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, offer excellent full services for these unexpected occurrences with ultimate quality emergency dental care. You can call this advanced and friendly practice to make a same-day appointment to treat your dental emergency.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

When to Seek Urgent Dental Care

In addition to loose, chipped, broken and dislodged teeth, other dental emergencies may occur. These emergency situations can include lost crowns, cracked veneers, severe toothaches or sore and swollen gums. If any of these emergencies occur, you should seek emergency dental treatment right away. If you have a knocked out tooth, you can often preserve the tooth while safeguarding your dental health by seeking immediate treatment. Schedule a visit as soon as possible if you have a large crack in a tooth, a badly broken tooth or any numbness or excessive shooting pain as a result of tooth damage. The highly experienced team of dental professionals of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, is always prepared to treat any dental emergency that you or any member of your family may have.

Common Dental Conditions that May Require Emergency Care

Common dental conditions that you or a family member may experience that may require emergency treatment include severe and persistent toothaches, sore and swollen gums or excessive swelling or bleeding in tissues surrounding the teeth and gums. Although these occurrences may be due to minor health problems, food allergies, an over-sensitive nerve reaction or other issues, they may be warning signs of other more serious dental conditions. For this reason, you should seek emergency dental treatment as soon as possible. If you develop an abscessed tooth caused by an infection affecting the end of the root and surrounding soft tissues resulting in pain and swelling, you need emergency care. Early signs of this dental emergency may be a sensitive lump in gum tissue or elevated body temperature.

How to Handle a Knocked Out or Broken Tooth While Seeking Emergency Dental Care

If you have a knocked out tooth, contact the dental emergency specialists of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, right away to get advice about your situation. If possible, save the tooth. You should handle it carefully, trying not to touch the root while removing any debris, dust or dirt from the tooth. If you can, place your tooth gently back in its socket or secure it between your cheek and gun on your way to your dentist’s office. If it is not possible to place the tooth in your mouth, put it in a small, enclosed container of milk. Your emergency dental professionals will provide the appropriate treatment when you arrive at their treatment facilities.

If you have a broken tooth, try to find and save all broken pieces of the tooth. After rinsing your mouth with warm water, place an ice pack on your cheek or lips near the area with the damaged tooth. This will help alleviate pain and swelling. If you cannot visit an emergency dental care location immediately, cover the broken part of the tooth that is still in your mouth with dental cement, which is sold in drugstores. Take a common pain reliever like Tylenol or Ibuprofen until you can seek emergency dental care. You can contact the excellent dental emergency team of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, at any time for advice and to arrange immediate dental attention and treatment.

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