Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Cave Creek, AZ

Dental Treatment for You and Your Family

As active dentists and parents, Drs. Bahar Ata-Abadi and Kamran Ata-Abadi understand very well the hectic, fast pace of life with children. At their dentistry practice offices in Cave Creek, AZ, well-known as Dentistry at Dove Valley, these accomplished dental professionals provide full-service family dentistry. They want to enable you to manage the dental health needs of your children as well as your own dental care in one convenient location. To schedule the next dental appointments for your family, call their offices or make an appointment online.

What is Family Dentistry?

Boost your self-confidence with a bright, beautiful smile

Family dental practice involves different oral care services offered in one location. This offers a simple solution for ensuring that your children and all other family members receive the dental care needed. Family dentistry provided by the Dentistry at Dove Valley team in Cave Creek, AZ, includes adult and pediatric dental care, cosmetic dentistry, denture care, crown placement and orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®. Family dentistry helps parents ensure that every member of the family gets regular dental checkups, cleanings and any dental work needed. It also acts as a resource for keeping family dental records together in one professional dental facility.

My Child’s First Visit to Dentistry at Dove Valley

Dr. Bahar and Dr. Kamran recommend that you bring your young child to the family dental practice of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, soon after your child’s first tooth appears. Early visits with the family dentist will help put your child at ease during dental checkups, cleanings and various treatments. Early visits can also help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems. Your family dentist will also offer valuable advice about the best healthy snacks for children to help reduce cavities and gum issues. Your dentist will help you develop an eating plan that appeals to your child while eliminating an excess of sugar and heavy starches, which will promote healthy teeth. The entire dental team at this innovative dental office will welcome you and your child as members of the Dentistry at Dove Valley family.

What to Expect During a Family Dentistry Visit

A visit to the family practice of Dentistry at Dove Valley in Cave Creek, AZ, may include an oral examination, X-rays, teeth cleaning and polishing and a thorough discussion of all oral health or cosmetic concerns. Drs. Bahar and Kamran recommend at least two visits per year for each member of your family for dental checkups and cleanings. For any additional procedures needed, a new appointment will be scheduled. This excellent dental team will offer advice for ensuring that every family member practices good dental hygiene for a bright, beautiful smile. You can call the office to schedule the next family appointment needed, or book your next visit online.

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